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Many Singles Google Potential Dates

Checking out your date's profile on twitter, removing too much public information from Facebook, and knowing a little something about wine could add to dating success, according to a new survey by Apothic Red, a new California red wine blend. They commissioned a survey of more than 1,000 singles aged 21 and older. Here are the top findings:

People google their dates: When asked if they had ever checked out their potential beau before a first date, more than three-quarters (81%) of Millenials in the survey admitted to snooping via Google or Facebook. Actually, 1 in 10 said they know “everything” about their potential suitor prior to their first meeting!

Being More Mysterious is trendy: With so much information available at the click of a button, nearly one-half (47%) of these Millenials have admitted to changing their Facebook profiles to seem more mysterious to a potential date.

Escaping a bad date is common: Of those who have escaped a dreadful date, nearly two-thirds (64%) have pretended to be sick or have a headache. Other excuses include accepting an “emergency” call (33%), having to leave for work (28%) and even sneaking out when your date is in the restroom (9%)!

Wine plays a role in dating: Nearly half of men (44%) agreed that knowing how to choose a wine is important upon a first meeting. A majority of people (79%) feel that pretending to know a lot about wine is worse than admitting that they are a novice. Two-thirds (67%) of women think buying an expensive bottle is just a way of showing off.

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