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« 7-7-07 is wedding date for thousands of couples | Main | Where to Get Your Las Vegas Wedding License on 7-7-07 »

Getting hitched on 7-7-07? You'll always have Paris!

The Le Burger Brasserie Sports Grille at Paris Las Vegas came up with a unique way to honor newlywed triple seven couples - an early anniversary present!

They will give a Lucky Seven couples a fun chance to commemorate their one year anniversary next year with a great meal, a bottle of Champaign and a chance to go to Paris (well, a one a one night in the famous hotel)!

Keep a look out for some delicious treats coming your way on your wedding day, newlyweds!

This venue tells us that beginning at 7:07 a.m. on Saturday, July 7, uniformed servers from Le Burger Brasserie will visit high-profile wedding chapels on the Las Vegas Strip, congratulating newly married couples on their nuptials and feting them with sliders and champagne.

Each interested couple will receive an entry form for the anniversary prize. The first seven couples to return the form as specified, with a copy of their marriage certificate confirming the July 7 date, reportedly will receive the “777” dinner and a stay at this romantic spot on the strip!

The Paris Hotel is lovely. The mini Eiffel tower makes you feel you are close to the real deal. From the pool, you can enjoy the view of the tower. You can also take an elevator ride to the top of the Eiffel Tower and enjoy the view of ... Las Vegas.

The winning 7 couples get a certificate enabling them to commemorate their one year anniversary with a one night stay at the famous Paris Las Vegas and a complete dining experience featuring Le Burger Brasserie’s famous $777 Kobe beef and Maine lobster burger accompanied by Dom Perignon champagne. Yum.

Couples will have some competition though. Wedding business is expected to triple or quadruple at local chapels. Sports fans, if you don't get selected, you can stop by Le Burger Brasserie on your own for a wedding meal.

The venue, a French take on the American Sports Grille, is billed as home to the world's most creative burgers.

The signature dish is the $777 Kobe Beef and Maine Lobster Burger, topped with caramelized onions, imported Brie, crispy prosciutto and 100-year aged balsamic vinegar. That may sound like a lot for a burger... but they serve it with a bottle of Rose Dom Perignon champagne.

Hmmm... could be a great place for a wedding lunch if you also have your heart set on catching a game.

They are open from 11 a.m. daily and are home to a huge 15’x15’ big-screen TV as well as 11 plasmas to catch all sporting events while you dine on the promenade between Paris and Bally’s Las Vegas.

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