Doxycycline Hyclate Usp 100 Mg Side Effects

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« Elvis, the Beatles and More... Celebrity Weddings Galore | Main | 7-7-07 is wedding date for thousands of couples »

Las Vegas Could Be Most Popular Wedding Destination on the Planet on 7-7-07

We may not see anything but brides and grooms in Las Vegas this Saturday, the wedding day otherwise known as 7-7-07.

Couples are getting married enmasse around the country, but Las Vegas is a particular favorite.

This joint will be jumping! Media is covering all the commotion here like crazy, with stories all over the world.

Las Vegas chapels are being discussed as THE PLACE TO BE on 7-7-07. From the small chapels on the strip to the big hotel and casinos, weddings are in the air.

* Charolette Richards of the Little White Chapel says she already has over 400 weddings booked that day and is expecting more people to "walk in" or "drive through" her famous Vegas chapel.

* The Garden Chapel at Flamingo Las Vegas is preparing for 77 couples who will marry at one of 7 venues on the property.

* Mandalay Bay and Caesar's Palace will be hosting wedding with over 60 couples.

* The Venetian is booked with back-to-back 30 minute gondola rides and had to open another bridge in their indoor Venice-style water way to accommodate the couples who want to marry there on that day.

We'll keep you updated as we count down to the BIG DAY!

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