Diflucan Sciroppo

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« Britney Spears Loses Her Kids, Judge Rules in K-Fed's Favor "Until Further Notice" | Main | Marriage Magic In Las Vegas - Pam Anderson Weds Rick Salomon In Between Shows »

Oops, She Did It Again - Pamela Anderson Ties the Knot Las Vegas Style

Reports are ringning 'round the world that Baywatch babe Pamela Anderson married boyfriend Rick Salomon yesterday in Las Vegas.

This makes three for Pam, who also was Mrs. to Tommy Lee and Kid Rock.

Salomon is the ex-beau of Paris Hilton. He is best known as the "co-star" in the infamous hot sex video that was released on the internet and hence made Paris so... hot.

Pam had a video like that of her own with Tommy Lee, if you recall, and a long court case ensued.

Is this for Publicity Pam? Looking for a new producer for a new line of videos? What's up, girl?

Stand by for more details.

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