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WE's Valentine To Viewers - Unforgettable Celebrity Weddings, "Bulging Brides" and More

Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway

WE TV, formerly the Women's Entertainment Network, discovered with Bridezillas that wacky wedding TV gets good ratings and they have made it a mainstay of their programing. From February 10th till the 17th we'll be treated to a week of wedding-themed "reality" shows.

Lisa Ling Wedding-small.jpg

I want to preface this by saying I do not like the way WE sometimes makes brides look like crazy she-creatures who eat their mates and scream at relatives and friends. Hate that. And the perpetuation of those images worry me, especially on a woman's station.

On the other hand, if you consider that what is called "Reality TV" is actually very smoothly and carefully produced "real life drama" moved along by producers looking to create a certain show then, and only then, can you watch the stuff on WE and consider it pure entertainment.

But, before I share with you the information on the upcoming "WE Go Bridal Week," you must promise never to be as hideous, or let yourself get as stressed, as their featured Bridezillas. Please. And also, be inspired but don't feel you must go as crazy with costs and trimmings for your wedding.

Try to remember, the ceremony is as important as the celebration!

That said, enjoy the line up of these four, all new WE TV Premieres as they "celebrate sweethearts everywhere" during Valentine's Day week.

You will find your fill of brides and grooms making their way to the altar in episodes of Bridezillas and Platinum Weddings. Straight from the press release, here, wedding mavens, is what you can look forward to:

Beach Weddings (February 10): Head to the blue waters and white sands of sunny California for these ocean-lined weddings. It will feature four ceremonies in four diverse beach locations, with four unique beach themes. Whether it’s intimate or platinum, swanky or traditional, check out exactly what goes into a romantic beach ceremony.

Unforgettable Celebrity Wedding Gowns (February 11): What exactly makes a celebrity wedding gown most memorable? This show looks at the world’s top 16. From the couture of Jackie O. and Elizabeth Taylor to Christina Aguilera and Carmen Electra. Commentary from designers, experts and stylists sheds details on not only the dresses, but also the weddings and relationships of the stars.

Culture Class Weddings (February 13): What happens when a couple relinquishes control over planning their wedding in exchange for a surprise ceremony and reception? Oy vey! American-born couple Kristen and Brandon find out they’ll be having a traditional Indian-themed wedding. The couple, families and bridal party all take part in the traditions an Indian wedding ceremony with some shocks along the way.

Bulging Brides (February 17): Every bride wants her wedding day to be picture perfect and for many, that means making sure the wedding dress fits just right. This new series follows different bride-to-be’s as they try to shed unwanted pounds and inches in order to fit into their gowns. Needless to say, stress, tension and busy schedules can make it difficult. A “Dream Team” of experts are enlisted to help and put the ladies through a strict and intense 6-week regimen.

Photo of Lisa Ling coming down the aisle in her unique, Chinese-inspired bridal gown on her wedding day to Song furnished by WE.

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