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Robot Officiant Marries Korean Couple

Wedding Officiants, watch out! We may soon be obsolete.

According to reports worldwide, the first human couple was married by the first Robot officiant. Not in Las Vegas, folks.... this was in Seoul, South Korea last weekend.

"Tiro" is a robot priest/master-of-ceremonies who speaks in a "sweet female voice."

She joins a fleet of robots who include a chaperone Robot meant to keep teenagers virginal until they can then have their weddings officiated by Tiro.

Korean roboticists are proud as peacocks, according to The Taipei Times and other reports, because "their industry had achieved yet another world first ... a droid officiated at a wedding south of Seoul."

The cost to create this wedding officiant droid appears to be in the area of around $218,000 USD. Not quite affordable for Brides and Grooms on a budget!

The first couple to stand before Tiro to be wed was a Hanool Robotics engineer and his bride, creators of the robot. Congratulations are in order, but makes you wonder how it feels to begin married life with a robotic helping you say your I Dos.

I know someone who got married in Seoul many years ago and he told me he and his then wife to be went to a registras office, he paid the money he was asked for and they were done. He said, "when is the ceremony" and his bride said, "that's it."

So perhaps a robot actually adds a little pizzazz to a the civil ceremonies in that neck of of the world.

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