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The Knot Says 38,000 Couples Will Wed on 7-7-07

Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway

I am probably the only wedding officiant on the planet who does not have a wedding booked on 7-7-07. Interestingly, I have barely gotten inquiries about that date.

I'm not worried though, I think God left my calendar free so I can trade my clergy robe for reporters pen and pad, and cover the exciting and possibly crazed wedding activities of the day. Whether it is the biggest wedding day of the century, or the biggest wedding hype of modern times, 7-7-07 remains a hot wedding story!

As a far as I can tell there are no formal national statistics on the actual numbers of people getting hitched but obviously, Las Vegas will see a healthy percentage of them, as one of the selling points of 7-7-07 is that it represents the winning numbers of a lucky jackpot.

Stories are spreading like wildfire and even those with a local angle often has a Las Vegas mention. See today's piece in the LA Times.

Estimates have been pouring out from TheKnot.com, the nation's leading wedding planning website. I've seen their estimate at 31,000 and, more recently, seems to be up to 38,000 "knotties" (the bride, and her groom) who plan to say "I do" on that day nationwide.

That's a lotta weddings!

TheKnot.com says that on an average summer Saturday about 12,000 couples get hitched. 7-7-07 stats from The Knot indicate that three time as many couples are getting hitched on that day.

Yes, the triple seven fever has spread. It's happening in Vegas. It's happing in New York (even if not in my wedding ministry). It's happening in from the Heartland to Hawaii!

Are you getting married on 7-7-07. Leave a comment and let us know what made you choose that date.

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